Interface ILargeElement

All Superinterfaces:
IElement, IPropertyContainer
All Known Implementing Classes:

public interface ILargeElement extends IElement
A ILargeElement is a layout element which may get added to indefinitely, making the object prohibitively large. In order to avoid consuming and holding on to undesirable amounts of resources, the contents of a ILargeElement can be flushed regularly by client code, e.g. at page boundaries or after a certain amount of additions.
  • Method Details

    • isComplete

      boolean isComplete()
      Checks whether an element has already been marked as complete.
      the completion marker boolean
    • complete

      void complete()
      Indicates that all the desired content has been added to this large element.
    • flush

      void flush()
      Writes the newly added content to the document.
    • flushContent

      void flushContent()
      Flushes the content which has just been added to the document. This is a method for internal usage and is called automatically by the document.
    • setDocument

      void setDocument (Document document)
      Sets the document this element is bound to. We cannot write a large element into several documents simultaneously because we would need more bulky interfaces for this feature. For now we went for simplicity.
      document - the document