Package com.itextpdf.layout.element

package com.itextpdf.layout.element
  • Class
    Defines the most common properties that most IElement implementations share.
    A layout object that terminates the current content area and creates a new one.
    A BlockElement will try to take up as much horizontal space as available to it on the canvas or page.
    A Cell is one piece of data in an enclosing grid, the Table.
    A Div is a container object that defines a section in a document, which will have some shared layout properties.
    The interface represents abstract layout element and provides an access to its children.
    This class represents a block layout element with special margins, tabbing, and alignment.
    This class represents a layout element, i.e.
    A ILargeElement is a layout element which may get added to indefinitely, making the object prohibitively large.
    A marker subinterface of IElement that specifies that the layout object is, by definition, on the lowest tier in the object hierarchy.
    A layout element that represents an image for inclusion in the document model.
    This is a line separator element which is basically just a horizontal line with a style specified by ILineDrawer custom drawing interface instance.
    A clickable piece of Text which contains a link annotation dictionary.
    A List is a layout element representing a series of objects that are vertically outlined with the same or very similar layout properties, giving it a sense of unity.
    A list item is a layout element that is one entry in a List.
    A layout element that represents a self-contained block of textual and graphical information.
    This class represents the empty space from a Text to the following TabStop, if any.
    A Table is a layout element that represents data in a two-dimensional grid.
    A simple object which holds the row numbers of a section of a table.
    A TabStop is the closest location on a line of text that the text will jump to if a Tab is inserted.
    A Text is a piece of text of any length.