Interface IElement

All Superinterfaces:
All Known Subinterfaces:
IAbstractElement, IBlockElement, ILargeElement, ILeafElement
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractElement, AreaBreak, BlockElement, Cell, Div, Image, LineSeparator, Link, List, ListItem, Paragraph, Tab, Table, Text

public interface IElement extends IPropertyContainer
This class represents a layout element, i.e. a piece of content that will take up 'physical' space on a canvas or document. Its presence and positioning may influence the position of other IElements on the layout surface.
  • Method Details

    • setNextRenderer

      void setNextRenderer (IRenderer renderer)
      Overrides the IRenderer instance which will be returned by the next call to the getRenderer().
      renderer - the renderer instance
    • getRenderer

      IRenderer getRenderer()
      Gets a renderer for this element. Note that this method can be called more than once. By default each element should define its own renderer, but the renderer can be overridden by setNextRenderer(IRenderer) method call.
      a renderer for this element
    • createRendererSubTree

      IRenderer createRendererSubTree()
      Creates a renderer subtree with root in the current element. Compared to getRenderer(), the renderer returned by this method should contain all the child renderers for children of the current element.
      a renderer subtree for this element