Interface IEventListener

All Known Subinterfaces:
ILocationExtractionStrategy, ITextExtractionStrategy
All Known Implementing Classes:
FilteredEventListener, FilteredTextEventListener, GlyphEventListener, GlyphTextEventListener, LocationTextExtractionStrategy, RegexBasedLocationExtractionStrategy, SimpleTextExtractionStrategy, TextMarginFinder

public interface IEventListener
A callback interface that receives notifications from the PdfCanvasProcessor as various events occur (see EventType).
  • Method Details

    • eventOccurred

      void eventOccurred (IEventData data, EventType type)
      Called when some event occurs during parsing a content stream.
      data - Combines the data required for processing corresponding event type.
      type - Event type.
    • getSupportedEvents

      Set<EventType> getSupportedEvents()
      Provides the set of event types this listener supports. Returns null if all possible event types are supported.
      Set of event types supported by this listener or null if all possible event types are supported.