Class FilteredTextEventListener

All Implemented Interfaces:
IEventListener, ITextExtractionStrategy

public class FilteredTextEventListener extends FilteredEventListener implements ITextExtractionStrategy
A text event listener which filters events on the fly before passing them on to the delegate. The only difference from FilteredEventListener is that this class conveniently implements ITextExtractionStrategy and can therefore used as a strategy on its own, apart from the inherited function of filtering event appropriately to its delegates.
  • Constructor Details

    • FilteredTextEventListener

      public FilteredTextEventListener (ITextExtractionStrategy delegate, IEventFilter... filterSet)
      Constructs a FilteredTextEventListener instance with a ITextExtractionStrategy delegate.
      delegate - a delegate that fill be called when all the corresponding filters for an event pass
      filterSet - filters attached to the delegate that will be tested before passing an event on to the delegate
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