Class GlyphTextEventListener

All Implemented Interfaces:
IEventListener, ITextExtractionStrategy

public class GlyphTextEventListener extends GlyphEventListener implements ITextExtractionStrategy
This class expands each TextRenderInfo for EventType.RENDER_TEXT event types into multiple TextRenderInfo instances for each glyph occurred. The only difference from GlyphEventListener is that this class conveniently implements ITextExtractionStrategy and can therefore used as a strategy on its own.
  • Constructor Details

    • GlyphTextEventListener

      public GlyphTextEventListener (ITextExtractionStrategy delegate)
      Constructs a GlyphEventListener instance by a ITextExtractionStrategy delegate to which the expanded text events for each glyph occurred will be passed on.
      delegate - delegate to pass the expanded glyph render events to.
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