Class GlyphEventListener

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public class GlyphEventListener extends Object implements IEventListener
This class expands each TextRenderInfo for EventType.RENDER_TEXT event types into multiple TextRenderInfo instances for each glyph occurred.
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    • GlyphEventListener

      public GlyphEventListener (IEventListener delegate)
      Constructs a GlyphEventListener instance by a delegate to which the expanded text events for each glyph occurred will be passed on.
      delegate - delegate to pass the expanded glyph render events to.
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    • eventOccurred

      public void eventOccurred (IEventData data, EventType type)
      Description copied from interface: IEventListener
      Called when some event occurs during parsing a content stream.
      Specified by:
      eventOccurred in interface IEventListener
      data - Combines the data required for processing corresponding event type.
      type - Event type.
    • getSupportedEvents

      public Set<EventType> getSupportedEvents()
      Description copied from interface: IEventListener
      Provides the set of event types this listener supports. Returns null if all possible event types are supported.
      Specified by:
      getSupportedEvents in interface IEventListener
      Set of event types supported by this listener or null if all possible event types are supported.