Interface INode

All Known Subinterfaces:
ICustomElementNode, IDataNode, IDocumentNode, IDocumentTypeNode, IElementNode, ITextNode
All Known Implementing Classes:
CssContextNode, CssPseudoElementNode, JsoupDataNode, JsoupDocumentNode, JsoupDocumentTypeNode, JsoupElementNode, JsoupNode, JsoupTextNode, PageContextNode, PageMarginBoxContextNode

public interface INode
Interface for classes that describe a Node with a parent and children.
  • Method Details

    • childNodes

      List<INode> childNodes()
      Gets the child nodes.
      a list of INode instances.
    • addChild

      void addChild (INode node)
      Adds a child node.
      node - a child node that will be added to the current node
    • parentNode

      INode parentNode()
      Gets the parent node.
      the parent node