Interface IElementNode

All Superinterfaces:
INode, IStylesContainer
All Known Subinterfaces:
ICustomElementNode, IDocumentNode
All Known Implementing Classes:
CssPseudoElementNode, JsoupDocumentNode, JsoupElementNode, PageMarginBoxContextNode

public interface IElementNode extends INode, IStylesContainer
Interface for node classes that have a parent and children, and for which styles can be defined; each of these nodes can also have a name and attributes.
  • Method Details

    • name

      String name()
      Gets the name of the element node.
      the string
    • getAttributes

      IAttributes getAttributes()
      Gets the attributes.
      the attributes
    • getAttribute

      String getAttribute (String key)
      Gets an attribute.
      key - the key of the attribute we want to get
      the value of the attribute
    • getAdditionalHtmlStyles

      List<Map<String,String>> getAdditionalHtmlStyles()
      Gets additional styles, more specifically styles that affect an element based on its position in the HTML DOM, e.g. cell borders that are set due to the parent table "border" attribute, or styles from "col" tags that affect table elements, or blocks horizontal alignment that is the result of parent's "align" attribute.
      the additional html styles
    • addAdditionalHtmlStyles

      void addAdditionalHtmlStyles (Map<String,String> styles)
      Adds additional HTML styles.
      styles - the styles
    • getLang

      String getLang()
      Gets the language.
      the language value