Class ImageData

Direct Known Subclasses:
Jbig2ImageData, Jpeg2000ImageData, JpegImageData, RawImageData, WmfImageData

public abstract class ImageData extends Object
  • Field Details

    • url

      protected URL url
    • transparency

      protected int[] transparency
    • originalType

      protected ImageType originalType
    • width

      protected float width
    • height

      protected float height
    • data

      protected byte[] data
    • imageSize

      protected int imageSize
    • bpc

      protected int bpc
    • colorEncodingComponentsNumber

      protected int colorEncodingComponentsNumber
      Is the number of components used to encode colorspace.
    • decode

      protected float[] decode
    • decodeParms

      protected Map<String,Object> decodeParms
    • inverted

      protected boolean inverted
    • rotation

      protected float rotation
    • profile

      protected IccProfile profile
    • dpiX

      protected int dpiX
    • dpiY

      protected int dpiY
    • colorTransform

      protected int colorTransform
    • deflated

      protected boolean deflated
    • mask

      protected boolean mask
    • imageMask

      protected ImageData imageMask
    • interpolation

      protected boolean interpolation
    • XYRatio

      protected float XYRatio
    • filter

      protected String filter
    • imageAttributes

      protected Map<String,Object> imageAttributes
    • mySerialId

      protected Long mySerialId
  • Constructor Details

    • ImageData

      protected ImageData (URL url, ImageType type)
    • ImageData

      protected ImageData (byte[] bytes, ImageType type)
  • Method Details

    • isRawImage

      public boolean isRawImage()
    • getUrl

      public URL getUrl()
    • setUrl

      public void setUrl (URL url)
    • getTransparency

      public int[] getTransparency()
    • setTransparency

      public void setTransparency (int[] transparency)
    • isInverted

      public boolean isInverted()
    • setInverted

      public void setInverted (boolean inverted)
    • getRotation

      public float getRotation()
    • setRotation

      public void setRotation (float rotation)
    • getProfile

      public IccProfile getProfile()
    • setProfile

      public void setProfile (IccProfile profile)
    • getDpiX

      public int getDpiX()
    • getDpiY

      public int getDpiY()
    • setDpi

      public void setDpi (int dpiX, int dpiY)
    • getColorTransform

      public int getColorTransform()
    • setColorTransform

      public void setColorTransform (int colorTransform)
    • isDeflated

      public boolean isDeflated()
    • setDeflated

      public void setDeflated (boolean deflated)
    • getOriginalType

      public ImageType getOriginalType()
    • getColorEncodingComponentsNumber

      public int getColorEncodingComponentsNumber()
      Gets the number of components used to encode colorspace.
      the number of components used to encode colorspace
    • setColorEncodingComponentsNumber

      public void setColorEncodingComponentsNumber (int colorEncodingComponentsNumber)
      Sets the number of components used to encode colorspace.
      colorEncodingComponentsNumber - the number of components used to encode colorspace
    • getData

      public byte[] getData()
    • canBeMask

      public boolean canBeMask()
    • isMask

      public boolean isMask()
    • getImageMask

      public ImageData getImageMask()
    • setImageMask

      public void setImageMask (ImageData imageMask)
    • isSoftMask

      public boolean isSoftMask()
    • makeMask

      public void makeMask()
    • getWidth

      public float getWidth()
    • setWidth

      public void setWidth (float width)
    • getHeight

      public float getHeight()
    • setHeight

      public void setHeight (float height)
    • getBpc

      public int getBpc()
    • setBpc

      public void setBpc (int bpc)
    • isInterpolation

      public boolean isInterpolation()
    • setInterpolation

      public void setInterpolation (boolean interpolation)
    • getXYRatio

      public float getXYRatio()
    • setXYRatio

      public void setXYRatio (float XYRatio)
    • getImageAttributes

      public Map<String,Object> getImageAttributes()
    • setImageAttributes

      public void setImageAttributes (Map<String,Object> imageAttributes)
    • getFilter

      public String getFilter()
    • setFilter

      public void setFilter (String filter)
    • getDecodeParms

      public Map<String,Object> getDecodeParms()
    • getDecode

      public float[] getDecode()
    • setDecode

      public void setDecode (float[] decode)
    • canImageBeInline

      public boolean canImageBeInline()
      Checks if image can be inline
      if the image can be inline