Class RawImageData

Direct Known Subclasses:
BmpImageData, PngImageData, TiffImageData

public class RawImageData extends ImageData
  • Field Details

    • CCITTG4

      public static final int CCITTG4
      Pure two-dimensional encoding (Group 4)
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    • CCITTG3_1D

      public static final int CCITTG3_1D
      Pure one-dimensional encoding (Group 3, 1-D)
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    • CCITTG3_2D

      public static final int CCITTG3_2D
      Mixed one- and two-dimensional encoding (Group 3, 2-D)
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      public static final int CCITT_BLACKIS1
      A flag indicating whether 1-bits are to be interpreted as black pixels and 0-bits as white pixels,
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      public static final int CCITT_ENCODEDBYTEALIGN
      A flag indicating whether the filter expects extra 0-bits before each encoded line so that the line begins on a byte boundary.
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      public static final int CCITT_ENDOFLINE
      A flag indicating whether end-of-line bit patterns are required to be present in the encoding.
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      public static final int CCITT_ENDOFBLOCK
      A flag indicating whether the filter expects the encoded data to be terminated by an end-of-block pattern, overriding the Rows parameter. The use of this flag will set the key /EndOfBlock to false.
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    • typeCcitt

      protected int typeCcitt
  • Constructor Details

    • RawImageData

      protected RawImageData (URL url, ImageType type)
    • RawImageData

      protected RawImageData (byte[] bytes, ImageType type)
  • Method Details

    • isRawImage

      public boolean isRawImage()
      isRawImage in class ImageData
    • getTypeCcitt

      public int getTypeCcitt()
    • setTypeCcitt

      public void setTypeCcitt (int typeCcitt)