iText 8.0.2 API
iText.Kernel.Pdf.Tagging Namespace Reference


interface   IStructureNode
class   ParentTreeHandler
  Internal helper class which is used to effectively build parent tree and also find marked content references: for specified page, by MCID or by struct parent index.
class   PdfMcr
  Represents Marked Content Reference (MCR) object wrapper. More...
class   PdfMcrDictionary
class   PdfMcrNumber
class   PdfNamespace
  A wrapper for namespace dictionaries (ISO 32000-2 section 14.7.4). More...
class   PdfObjRef
class   PdfStructElem
  A wrapper for structure element dictionaries (ISO-32000 14.7.2 "Structure Hierarchy"). More...
class   PdfStructIdTree
  Models the tree of structure element IDs. More...
class   PdfStructTreeRoot
  Represents a wrapper-class for structure tree root dictionary. More...
class   PdfStructureAttributes
class   PdfUserPropertiesAttributes
class   PdfUserProperty
class   StandardNamespaces
  This class encapsulates information about the standard structure namespaces and provides some utility methods connected to them. More...
class   StandardRoles
class   StructureTreeCopier
  Internal helper class which is used to copy, clone or move tag structure across documents.