iText 8.0.2 API
iText.Kernel.Pdf Namespace Reference


class   CompressionConstants
  Compression constants for PdfStream. More...
class   CountOutputStream
  An OutputStream that counts the written bytes. More...
class   DestinationResolverCopyFilter
  A copy filter that will handle goto annotations and actions separately. More...
class   DocumentProperties
  Class with additional properties for PdfDocument processing. More...
class   EncryptedEmbeddedStreamsHandler
class   EncryptionConstants
  Encryption constants for WriterProperties.SetStandardEncryption(byte[], byte[], int, int). More...
class   EncryptionProperties
  Allows configuration of output PDF encryption. More...
class   FingerPrint
  Data container for debugging information. More...
class   GenericNameTree
  Abstract representation of a name tree structure, as used in PDF for various purposes such as the Dests tree, the ID tree of structure elements and the embedded file tree. More...
class   IndirectFilterUtils
interface   IPdfNameTreeAccess
  Abstract access interface to a PDF name tree. More...
interface   IPdfPageExtraCopier
  This interface defines logic which can be used to perform a custom copying operation of a PdfPage. More...
interface   IPdfPageFactory
  Interface used to create instances of PdfPage. More...
interface   IPdfPageFormCopier
  This interface extends the logic of the {#link IPdfPageExtraCopier} interface to copy AcroForm fields to a new page. More...
class   MemoryLimitsAwareFilter
  Handles memory limits aware processing. More...
class   MemoryLimitsAwareHandler
  A MemoryLimitsAwareHandler handles memory allocation and prevents decompressed pdf streams from occupation of more space than allowed. More...
class   MemoryLimitsAwareOutputStream
  This class implements an output stream which can be used for memory limits aware decompression of pdf streams.
class   OcgPropertiesCopier
class   PageFlushingHelper
  This class allows to free the memory taken by already processed pages when handling big PDF files. More...
class   PdfAConformanceLevel
  Enumeration of all the PDF/A conformance levels. More...
class   PdfAnnotationBorder
  Specifying the characteristics of the annotation’s border. More...
class   PdfArray
  A representation of an array as described in the PDF specification. More...
class   PdfArrayDirectIterator
class   PdfBoolean
class   PdfCatalog
  The root of a document’s object hierarchy. More...
class   PdfDashPattern
  Represents the line dash pattern. More...
class   PdfDate
  PdfDate is the PDF date object. PDF defines a standard date format. The PDF date format closely follows the format defined by the international standard ASN.1 (Abstract Syntax Notation One, defined in CCITT X.208 or ISO/IEC 8824). A date is a PdfString of the form: (D:YYYYMMDDHHmmSSOHH'mm') See also ISO-320001 7.9.4, "Dates". More...
class   PdfDeveloperExtension
  Beginning with BaseVersion 1.7, the extensions dictionary lets developers designate that a given document contains extensions to PDF. More...
class   PdfDictionary
  A representation of a Dictionary as described by the PDF Specification. More...
class   PdfDictionaryEntrySet
class   PdfDictionaryValues
class   PdfDocument
  Main enter point to work with PDF document. More...
class   PdfDocumentInfo
class   PdfEncryptedPayload
class   PdfEncryptedPayloadDocument
class   PdfEncryption
class   PdfEncryptor
  This class takes any PDF and returns exactly the same but encrypted. More...
class   PdfExtensions
class   PdfIndirectReference
class   PdfLiteral
class   PdfName
class   PdfNameLoader
class   PdfNameTree
class   PdfNull
  Representation of the null object in the PDF specification. More...
class   PdfNumber
  A PdfNumber -class is the PDF-equivalent of a Double -object. More...
class   PdfNumTree
class   PdfObject
class   PdfObjectStream
class   PdfObjectWrapper
class   PdfOutline
  Document outline object See ISO-320001, 12.3.3 Document Outline. More...
class   PdfOutputIntent
  Specify the colour characteristics of output devices on which the document might be rendered See ISO 32000-1 14.11.5: Output Intents. More...
class   PdfOutputStream
class   PdfPage
class   PdfPageFactory
class   PdfPages
class   PdfPagesTree
  Algorithm for construction PdfPages tree
class   PdfPrimitiveObject
class   PdfReader
  Reads a PDF document. More...
class   PdfResources
  Wrapper class that represent resource dictionary - that define named resources used by content streams operators. More...
class   PdfStream
  Representation of a stream as described in the PDF Specification. More...
class   PdfString
  A PdfString -class is the PDF-equivalent of a JAVA- String -object. More...
class   PdfStringComparator
  Compare PdfString objects by value.
class   PdfTextArray
  PdfTextArray defines an array with displacements and PdfString -objects. More...
class   PdfVersion
  This class represents all official PDF versions. More...
class   PdfViewerPreferences
class   PdfWriter
class   PdfXrefTable
  A representation of a cross-referenced table of a PDF document. More...
class   ReaderProperties
class   SerializedObjectContent
class   SmartModePdfObjectsSerializer
class   StampingProperties
class   VersionConforming
class   WriterProperties
class   XmpMetaInfoConverter


enum   IsoKey {
  Type of object to conform. More...
enum   PageLabelNumberingStyle {
  Page label numbering style constants for PdfPage.SetPageLabel(PageLabelNumberingStyle, String). More...

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ IsoKey

Type of object to conform.

◆ PageLabelNumberingStyle

Page label numbering style constants for PdfPage.SetPageLabel(PageLabelNumberingStyle, String).


1, 2, 3, 4...


I, II, III, IV...


i, ii, iii, iv...


A, B, C, D...


a, b, c, d...