iText 8.0.2 API
iText.Kernel.Pdf.Annot Namespace Reference


class   BorderStyleUtil
class   InteriorColorUtil
class   Pdf3DAnnotation
  This class represents 3D annotations by which 3D artwork shall be represented in a PDF document. More...
class   PdfAnnotation
  This is a super class for the annotation dictionary wrappers. More...
class   PdfAnnotationAppearance
class   PdfCaretAnnotation
class   PdfCircleAnnotation
class   PdfFileAttachmentAnnotation
class   PdfFixedPrint
class   PdfFreeTextAnnotation
class   PdfInkAnnotation
class   PdfLineAnnotation
  The purpose of a line annotation is to display a single straight line on the page. More...
class   PdfLinkAnnotation
  A link annotation represents either a hypertext link to a destination elsewhere in the document or an iText.Kernel.Pdf.Action.PdfAction to be performed. More...
class   PdfMarkupAnnotation
  This is a super class for the annotations which are defined as markup annotations because they are used primarily to mark up PDF documents. More...
class   PdfPolyGeomAnnotation
class   PdfPolygonAnnotation
class   PdfPolylineAnnotation
class   PdfPopupAnnotation
class   PdfPrinterMarkAnnotation
class   PdfRedactAnnotation
class   PdfScreenAnnotation
class   PdfSoundAnnotation
class   PdfSquareAnnotation
class   PdfStampAnnotation
class   PdfTextAnnotation
class   PdfTextMarkupAnnotation
class   PdfTrapNetworkAnnotation
  A PdfTrapNetworkAnnotation may be used to define the trapping characteristics for a page of a PDF document. More...
class   PdfWatermarkAnnotation
class   PdfWidgetAnnotation