Class Tesseract4LibOcrEngine

All Implemented Interfaces:
IOcrEngine, IProductAware

public class Tesseract4LibOcrEngine extends AbstractTesseract4OcrEngine
The implementation of AbstractTesseract4OcrEngine for tesseract OCR. This class provides possibilities to use features of "tesseract" using tess4j. Please note that this class is not thread-safe, in other words this Tesseract engine cannot be used for multithreaded processing. You should create one instance per thread
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    • getTesseractInstance

      public net.sourceforge.tess4j.ITesseract getTesseractInstance()
      Gets tesseract instance.
      initialized ITesseract instance
    • initializeTesseract

      public void initializeTesseract (OutputFormat outputFormat)
      Initializes instance of tesseract if it haven't been already initialized or it have been disposed and sets all the required properties.
      outputFormat - selected OutputFormat for tesseract