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Package com.itextpdf.html2pdf.css

Removed Classes
CssAtRule Abstract superclass for all CSS at-rules (rules in CSS that start with an @ sign).
CssContextNode The CSS context node.
CssDeclaration Class to store a CSS declaration.
CssFontFaceRule Class to store a CSS font face At rule.
CssNestedAtRule Class to store a nested CSS at-rule Nested at-rules are a subset of nested statements, which can be used as a statement of a style sheet as well as inside of conditional group rules.
CssNestedAtRuleFactory A factory for creating CssNestedAtRule objects.
CssRuleName Class containing possible CSS rule names.
CssRuleSet Class to store a CSS rule set.
CssRuleSetComparator Comparator class used to sort CSS rule set objects.
CssSemicolonAtRule A CssAtRule implementation.
CssStatement Abstract superclass for all kinds of CSS statements.
CssStyleSheet Class that stores all the CSS statements, and thus acts as a CSS style sheet.

Changed Classes