Class AbstractGradientSvgNodeRenderer

All Implemented Interfaces:
IBranchSvgNodeRenderer, INoDrawSvgNodeRenderer, ISvgNodeRenderer, ISvgPaintServer
Direct Known Subclasses:

public abstract class AbstractGradientSvgNodeRenderer extends AbstractBranchSvgNodeRenderer implements ISvgPaintServer
ISvgNodeRenderer abstract implementation for gradient tags (, ).
  • Constructor Details

    • AbstractGradientSvgNodeRenderer

      public AbstractGradientSvgNodeRenderer()
  • Method Details

    • doDraw

      protected void doDraw (SvgDrawContext context)
      Description copied from class: AbstractBranchSvgNodeRenderer
      Method that will set properties to be inherited by this branch renderer's children and will iterate over all children in order to draw them.
      doDraw in class AbstractBranchSvgNodeRenderer
      context - the object that knows the place to draw this element and maintains its state
    • isObjectBoundingBoxUnits

      protected boolean isObjectBoundingBoxUnits()
      Checks whether the gradient units values are on user space on use or object bounding box
      false if the 'gradientUnits' value of the gradient tag equals to 'userSpaceOnUse', otherwise true
    • getGradientTransform

      protected AffineTransform getGradientTransform()
      Evaluates the 'gradientTransform' transformations
      an AffineTransform object representing the specified gradient transformation
    • getChildStopRenderers

      protected List<StopSvgNodeRenderer> getChildStopRenderers()
      Construct a list of child stop renderers
      a list of StopSvgNodeRenderer elements that represents the child stop values
    • parseSpreadMethod

      protected GradientSpreadMethod parseSpreadMethod()
      Parses the gradient spread method
      the parsed GradientSpreadMethod specified in the gradient