Interface ISvgPaintServer

All Superinterfaces:
IBranchSvgNodeRenderer, INoDrawSvgNodeRenderer, ISvgNodeRenderer
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractGradientSvgNodeRenderer, LinearGradientSvgNodeRenderer, PatternSvgNodeRenderer

public interface ISvgPaintServer extends INoDrawSvgNodeRenderer
Interface for working with paint servers. These are the elements that are referenced from the fill or stroke of an object.
  • Method Details

    • createColor

      Color createColor (SvgDrawContext context, Rectangle objectBoundingBox, float objectBoundingBoxMargin, float parentOpacity)
      Creates the Color that represents the corresponding paint server for specified object box.
      context - the current svg draw context
      objectBoundingBox - the coloring object bounding box without any adjustments (additional stroke width or others)
      objectBoundingBoxMargin - the objectBoundingBoxMargin of the object bounding box to be colored (for example - the part of stroke width that exceeds the object bounding box, i.e. the half of stroke width value)
      parentOpacity - current parent opacity modifier
      the created color