Class LtvVerifier

public class LtvVerifier extends RootStoreVerifier
Verifies the signatures in an LTV document.
  • Field Details

    • LOGGER

      protected static final org.slf4j.Logger LOGGER
      The Logger instance
    • option

      Option to specify level of verification; signing certificate only or the entire chain.
    • verifyRootCertificate

      protected boolean verifyRootCertificate
      Verify root.
    • document

      protected PdfDocument document
      A document object for the revision that is being verified.
    • acroForm

      protected PdfAcroForm acroForm
      The fields in the revision that is being verified.
    • signDate

      protected Date signDate
      The date the revision was signed, or null for the highest revision.
    • signatureName

      protected String signatureName
      The signature that covers the revision.
    • pkcs7

      protected PdfPKCS7 pkcs7
      The PdfPKCS7 object for the signature.
    • latestRevision

      protected boolean latestRevision
      Indicates if we're working with the latest revision.
    • dss

      protected PdfDictionary dss
      The document security store for the revision that is being verified
    • securityProviderCode

      protected String securityProviderCode
      Security provider to use, use null for default
    • metaInfo

      protected IMetaInfo metaInfo
      The meta info
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