Class VerificationOK


public class VerificationOK extends Object
Class that informs you that the verification of a Certificate succeeded using a specific CertificateVerifier and for a specific reason.
  • Field Details

    • certificate

      protected X509Certificate certificate
      The certificate that was verified successfully.
    • verifierClass

      protected ClassCertificateVerifier> verifierClass
      The CertificateVerifier that was used for verifying.
    • message

      protected String message
      The reason why the certificate verified successfully.
  • Constructor Details

    • VerificationOK

      public VerificationOK (X509Certificate certificate, ClassCertificateVerifier> verifierClass, String message)
      Creates a VerificationOK object
      certificate - the certificate that was successfully verified
      verifierClass - the class that was used for verification
      message - the reason why the certificate could be verified
  • Method Details