Class DivRenderer

All Implemented Interfaces:
IPropertyContainer, IRenderer
Direct Known Subclasses:
FlexContainerRenderer, ListItemRenderer

public class DivRenderer extends BlockRenderer
Represents a renderer for the Div layout element.
  • Constructor Details

    • DivRenderer

      public DivRenderer (Div modelElement)
      Creates a DivRenderer from its corresponding layout object.
      modelElement - the Div which this object should manage
  • Method Details

    • getNextRenderer

      public IRenderer getNextRenderer()
      Gets a new instance of this class to be used as a next renderer, after this renderer is used, if BlockRenderer.layout(LayoutContext) is called more than once.

      If a renderer overflows to the next area, iText uses this method to create a renderer for the overflow part. So if one wants to extend DivRenderer, one should override this method: otherwise the default method will be used and thus the default rather than the custom renderer will be created.

      new renderer instance