Class Transform.SingleTransform

Enclosing class:

public static class Transform.SingleTransform extends Object
This class is used to store one transform function.
  • Constructor Details

    • SingleTransform

      public SingleTransform()
      Creates a default Transform.SingleTransform instance equivalent to no transform.
    • SingleTransform

      public SingleTransform (float a, float b, float c, float d, UnitValue tx, UnitValue ty)
      Creates a Transform.SingleTransform instance.
      a - horizontal scaling
      b - vertical skewing
      c - horizontal skewing
      d - vertical scaling
      tx - horizontal translation
      ty - vertical translation
  • Method Details

    • getFloats

      public float[] getFloats()
      Gets an array of values corresponding to transformation, i.e. scaling and skewing.
      an array of floats
    • getUnitValues

      public UnitValue[] getUnitValues()
      Gets an array of values corresponding to translation.
      an array of UnitValue-s