Class PdfDeveloperExtension


public class PdfDeveloperExtension extends Object
Beginning with BaseVersion 1.7, the extensions dictionary lets developers designate that a given document contains extensions to PDF. The presence of the extension dictionary in a document indicates that it may contain developer-specific PDF properties that extend a particular base version of the PDF specification. The extensions dictionary enables developers to identify their own extensions relative to a base version of PDF. Additionally, the convention identifies extension levels relative to that base version. The intent of this dictionary is to enable developers of PDF-producing applications to identify company-specific specifications that PDF-consuming applications use to interpret the extensions.
  • Field Details


      public static final PdfDeveloperExtension ADOBE_1_7_EXTENSIONLEVEL3
      An instance of this class for Adobe 1.7 Extension level 3.

      public static final PdfDeveloperExtension ESIC_1_7_EXTENSIONLEVEL2
      An instance of this class for ETSI 1.7 Extension level 2.

      public static final PdfDeveloperExtension ESIC_1_7_EXTENSIONLEVEL5
      An instance of this class for ETSI 1.7 Extension level 5.
    • prefix

      protected PdfName prefix
      The prefix used in the Extensions dictionary added to the Catalog.
    • baseVersion

      protected PdfName baseVersion
      The base version.
    • extensionLevel

      protected int extensionLevel
      The extension level within the base version.
  • Constructor Details

    • PdfDeveloperExtension

      public PdfDeveloperExtension (PdfName prefix, PdfName baseVersion, int extensionLevel)
      Creates a PdfDeveloperExtension object.
      prefix - the prefix referring to the developer
      baseVersion - the number of the base version
      extensionLevel - the extension level within the baseverion.
  • Method Details

    • getPrefix

      public PdfName getPrefix()
      Gets the prefix name.
      a PdfName
    • getBaseVersion

      public PdfName getBaseVersion()
      Gets the baseVersion name.
      a PdfName
    • getExtensionLevel

      public int getExtensionLevel()
      Gets the extension level within the baseVersion.
      an integer
    • getDeveloperExtensions

      public PdfDictionary getDeveloperExtensions()
      Generations the developer extension dictionary corresponding with the prefix.
      a PdfDictionary