Class ITextCoreProductEvent

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public final class ITextCoreProductEvent extends AbstractProductProcessITextEvent
Class represents events registered in iText core module.
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    • createProcessPdfEvent

      public static ITextCoreProductEvent createProcessPdfEvent (SequenceId sequenceId, IMetaInfo metaInfo, EventConfirmationType confirmationType)
      Creates an process pdf event which associated with a general identifier and additional meta data.
      sequenceId - is an identifier associated with the event
      metaInfo - is an additional meta info
      confirmationType - defines when the event should be confirmed to notify that the associated process has finished successfully
      the process pdf event
    • getEventType

      public String getEventType()
      Description copied from class: AbstractProductProcessITextEvent
      Returns an event type.
      Specified by:
      getEventType in class AbstractProductProcessITextEvent
      event type