Class CMapToUnicode


public class CMapToUnicode extends AbstractCMap
This class represents a CMap file.
Ben Litchfield (
  • Field Details

    • EmptyCMapToUnicodeMap

      public static CMapToUnicode EmptyCMapToUnicodeMap
  • Constructor Details

    • CMapToUnicode

      public CMapToUnicode()
      Creates a new instance of CMap.
  • Method Details

    • getIdentity

      public static CMapToUnicode getIdentity()
    • hasByteMappings

      public boolean hasByteMappings()
      This will tell if this cmap has any two byte mappings.
      true If there are any two byte mappings, false otherwise.
    • lookup

      public char[] lookup (byte[] code, int offset, int length)
      This will perform a lookup into the map.
      code - The code used to lookup.
      offset - The offset into the byte array.
      length - The length of the data we are getting.
      The string that matches the lookup.
    • lookup

      public char[] lookup (byte[] code)
    • lookup

      public char[] lookup (int code)
    • getCodes

      public Set<Integer> getCodes()
    • createDirectMapping

      public createDirectMapping()
    • createReverseMapping

      public Map<Integer,Integer> createReverseMapping()