Class PdfSignatureFormField

public class PdfSignatureFormField extends PdfFormField
An AcroForm field containing signature data.
  • Constructor Details

    • PdfSignatureFormField

      protected PdfSignatureFormField (PdfDocument pdfDocument)
    • PdfSignatureFormField

      protected PdfSignatureFormField (PdfWidgetAnnotation widget, PdfDocument pdfDocument)
    • PdfSignatureFormField

      protected PdfSignatureFormField (PdfDictionary pdfObject)
  • Method Details

    • getFormType

      public PdfName getFormType()
      Returns Sig, the form type for signature form fields.
      getFormType in class PdfFormField
      the form type, as a PdfName
    • setValue

      public PdfSignatureFormField setValue (PdfObject value)
      Adds the signature to the signature field.
      value - the signature to be contained in the signature field, or an indirect reference to it
      the edited field
    • getSigFieldLockDictionary

      public PdfSigFieldLock getSigFieldLockDictionary()
      Gets the PdfSigFieldLock, which contains fields that must be locked if the document is signed.
      a dictionary containing locked fields.
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