iText 8.0.2 API
iText.Kernel.Font Namespace Reference


class   DocFontEncoding
  This class allow to parse document font's encoding.
class   DocTrueTypeFont
class   DocType1Font
class   FontUtil
interface   IDocFontProgram
class   PdfFont
class   PdfFontFactory
  This class provides helpful methods for creating fonts ready to be used in a iText.Kernel.Pdf.PdfDocument More...
class   PdfSimpleFont
class   PdfTrueTypeFont
  Note. More...
class   PdfType0Font
class   PdfType1Font
class   PdfType3Font
  Low-level API class for Type 3 fonts. More...
class   Type3Font
  FontProgram class for Type 3 font. More...
class   Type3Glyph
  The content where Type3 glyphs are written to. More...