All Classes and Interfaces

Utility class providing methods to check images compatibility.
Class that bundles all the error message templates as constants.
Utility class providing clean up helping methods.
Utility class providing methods to handle images and work with graphics.
Exception is thrown when errors occur during handling and cleaning up images.
Class that bundles all the log message templates as constants.
Contains properties for PdfCleanUpTool operations.
This class contains some of the more common regular expressions to be used for redaction.
This class is a composite pattern for ICleanupStrategy.
This class represents a generic cleanup strategy to be used with PdfCleaner or PdfAutoSweepTools ICleanupStrategy must implement Cloneable to ensure a strategy can be reset after having handled a page.
Represents the line dash pattern.
Class that automatically extracts all regions of interest from a given PdfDocument and redacts them.
Main entry point for cleaning a PDF document.
An event listener which handles cleanup related events.
Defines the region to be erased in a PDF document.
PDF content stream processor, which filters content to be cleaned up.
Represents the main mechanism for cleaning a PDF document.
Stores an instance of ProductData related to iText pdfSweep module.
Class represents events registered in iText cleanup module.
This class represents a regular expression based cleanup strategy