Class LocationStack


public class LocationStack extends Object
The class allows to build custom analogue of the stacktrace which does not use reflection. The goal is to support fast and light-weighted mechanism of identifying the root of any messages appeared during optimization process.
  • Constructor Details

    • LocationStack

      public LocationStack()
  • Method Details

    • enterLocation

      public void enterLocation (String location)
      Add a new location into location stack.
      location - is a string representation of the new location
    • leaveLocation

      public void leaveLocation()
      Removes top-level location from location stack.
    • getCurrentLocation

      public String getCurrentLocation()
      Gets string representation for top-level location which is consider as actual location.
      string representation for top-level location
    • getFullStack

      public String getFullStack()
      Gets string representation full location stack.
      string representation for location stack