iText 7 7.1.9 API
iText.Kernel.Pdf.Tagutils Namespace Reference


class   AccessibilityProperties
class   AccessibilityPropertiesToStructElem
class   BackedAccessibilityProperties
class   DefaultAccessibilityProperties
interface   IRoleMappingResolver
  A helper interface that facilitates roles mapping resolving for the tag structures that are defined for different PDF document specification versions. More...
class   RoleMappingResolver
class   RoleMappingResolverPdf2
class   RootTagNormalizer
class   TagReference
class   TagStructureContext
  TagStructureContext class is used to track necessary information of document's tag structure. More...
class   TagTreePointer
  TagTreePointer class is used to modify the document's tag tree. More...
class   WaitingTagsManager
  This class is used to manage waiting tags state. More...