iText 7 7.1.9 API
iText.Kernel.ProductInfo Class Reference

Describes an iText 7 add on. More...

Public Member Functions

  ProductInfo (String name, int major, int minor, int patch, bool snapshot)
  Instantiates a ProductInfo object. More...
virtual String  GetName ()
virtual int  GetMajor ()
virtual int  GetMinor ()
virtual int  GetPatch ()
virtual bool  IsSnapshot ()
override String  ToString ()

Detailed Description

Describes an iText 7 add on.

Describes an iText 7 add on. An add on should register itself to a PdfDocument object if it wants to be included in the debugging information.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ProductInfo()

iText.Kernel.ProductInfo.ProductInfo ( String  name,
int  major,
int  minor,
int  patch,
bool  snapshot 

Instantiates a ProductInfo object.

name name of the add on
major major version of the add on
minor minor version of the add on
patch patch number of the add on
snapshot whether the version of this add on is a snapshot build or not