iText 7 7.1.9 API
iText.Kernel.Pdf.Filters.CCITTFaxDecodeFilter Class Reference

Handles CCITTFaxDecode filter More...

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Public Member Functions

virtual byte[]  Decode (byte[] b, PdfName filterName, PdfObject decodeParams, PdfDictionary streamDictionary)
  Decode the byte[] using the provided filterName. More...

Detailed Description

Handles CCITTFaxDecode filter

Member Function Documentation

◆ Decode()

virtual byte [] iText.Kernel.Pdf.Filters.CCITTFaxDecodeFilter.Decode ( byte[]  b,
PdfName  filterName,
PdfObject  decodeParams,
PdfDictionary  streamDictionary 

Decode the byte[] using the provided filterName.

b the bytes that need to be decoded
filterName PdfName of the filter
decodeParams decode parameters
streamDictionary the dictionary of the stream. Can contain additional information needed to decode the byte[].
decoded byte array

Implements iText.Kernel.Pdf.Filters.IFilterHandler.