iText 7 7.1.9 API
iText.IO.Image.ImageData Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for iText.IO.Image.ImageData:
iText.IO.Image.Jbig2ImageData iText.IO.Image.Jpeg2000ImageData iText.IO.Image.JpegImageData iText.IO.Image.RawImageData iText.Kernel.Pdf.Canvas.Wmf.WmfImageData iText.IO.Image.BmpImageData iText.IO.Image.PngImageData iText.IO.Image.TiffImageData

Public Member Functions

virtual bool  IsRawImage ()
virtual Uri  GetUrl ()
virtual void  SetUrl (Uri url)
virtual int[]  GetTransparency ()
virtual void  SetTransparency (int[] transparency)
virtual bool  IsInverted ()
virtual void  SetInverted (bool inverted)
virtual float  GetRotation ()
virtual void  SetRotation (float rotation)
virtual IccProfile  GetProfile ()
virtual void  SetProfile (IccProfile profile)
virtual int  GetDpiX ()
virtual int  GetDpiY ()
virtual void  SetDpi (int dpiX, int dpiY)
virtual int  GetColorTransform ()
virtual void  SetColorTransform (int colorTransform)
virtual bool  IsDeflated ()
virtual void  SetDeflated (bool deflated)
virtual ImageType  GetOriginalType ()
virtual int  GetColorSpace ()
virtual void  SetColorSpace (int colorSpace)
virtual byte[]  GetData ()
virtual bool  CanBeMask ()
virtual bool  IsMask ()
virtual iText.IO.Image.ImageData  GetImageMask ()
virtual void  SetImageMask (iText.IO.Image.ImageData imageMask)
virtual bool  IsSoftMask ()
virtual void  MakeMask ()
virtual float  GetWidth ()
virtual void  SetWidth (float width)
virtual float  GetHeight ()
virtual void  SetHeight (float height)
virtual int  GetBpc ()
virtual void  SetBpc (int bpc)
virtual bool  IsInterpolation ()
virtual void  SetInterpolation (bool interpolation)
virtual float  GetXYRatio ()
virtual void  SetXYRatio (float XYRatio)
virtual IDictionary< String, Object >  GetImageAttributes ()
virtual void  SetImageAttributes (IDictionary< String, Object > imageAttributes)
virtual String  GetFilter ()
virtual void  SetFilter (String filter)
virtual IDictionary< String, Object >  GetDecodeParms ()
virtual float[]  GetDecode ()
virtual void  SetDecode (float[] decode)
virtual bool  CanImageBeInline ()
  Checks if image can be inline More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ CanImageBeInline()

virtual bool iText.IO.Image.ImageData.CanImageBeInline ( )

Checks if image can be inline

if the image can be inline

Reimplemented in iText.IO.Image.Jpeg2000ImageData, and iText.IO.Image.Jbig2ImageData.