iText 7 7.1.9 API
iText.IO.Font.Constants.StandardFontFamilies Class Reference

Class containing families for StandardFonts. More...

Static Public Attributes

const String  COURIER = "Courier"
  Font family for StandardFonts.COURIER , StandardFonts.COURIER_BOLD , StandardFonts.COURIER_OBLIQUE and StandardFonts.COURIER_BOLDOBLIQUE. More...
const String  HELVETICA = "Helvetica"
  Font family for StandardFonts.HELVETICA , StandardFonts.HELVETICA_BOLD , StandardFonts.HELVETICA_OBLIQUE and StandardFonts.HELVETICA_BOLDOBLIQUE. More...
const String  SYMBOL = "Symbol"
  Font family for StandardFonts.SYMBOL. More...
const String  ZAPFDINGBATS = "ZapfDingbats"
  Font family for StandardFonts.ZAPFDINGBATS. More...
const String  TIMES = "Times"
  Font family for StandardFonts.TIMES_ROMAN , StandardFonts.TIMES_BOLD , StandardFonts.TIMES_ITALIC and StandardFonts.TIMES_BOLDITALIC. More...

Detailed Description

Class containing families for StandardFonts.

Class containing families for StandardFonts. This class was made for

Member Data Documentation


const String iText.IO.Font.Constants.StandardFontFamilies.COURIER = "Courier"


const String iText.IO.Font.Constants.StandardFontFamilies.HELVETICA = "Helvetica"


const String iText.IO.Font.Constants.StandardFontFamilies.SYMBOL = "Symbol"


const String iText.IO.Font.Constants.StandardFontFamilies.TIMES = "Times"


const String iText.IO.Font.Constants.StandardFontFamilies.ZAPFDINGBATS = "ZapfDingbats"