iText 7 7.1.10 API
iText.IO.Font Namespace Reference


class   AdobeGlyphList
class   CFFFont
class   CFFFontSubset
  This Class subsets a CFF Type Font. More...
class   CidFont
class   CidFontProperties
class   CMapEncoding
class   FontCache
class   FontCacheKey
class   FontConstants
  Font constants for FontProgramFactory and PdfFontFactory. More...
class   FontEncoding
class   FontIdentification
class   FontMetrics
class   FontNames
class   FontProgram
class   FontProgramDescriptor
  Base font descriptor. More...
class   FontProgramDescriptorFactory
class   FontProgramFactory
  Provides methods for creating various types of fonts. More...
class   FontRegisterProvider
  If you are using True Type fonts, you can declare the paths of the different ttf- and ttc-files to this class first and then create fonts in your code using one of the getFont method without having to enter a path as parameter.
interface   IExtraEncoding
  Classes implementing this interface can create custom encodings or replace existing ones. More...
class   OpenTypeParser
class   PdfEncodings
class   Pfm2afm
  Converts a PFM file into an AFM file. More...
class   TrueTypeCollection
  Use this class for working with true type collection font (*.ttc) More...
class   TrueTypeFont
class   TrueTypeFontSubset
  Subsets a True Type font by removing the unneeded glyphs from the font.
class   Type1Font
class   Type1Parser
class   WoffConverter