Class BarcodeCodabar


public class BarcodeCodabar extends Barcode1D
Implementation of the Codabar barcode.

Codabar was designed to be accurately read even when printed on dot-matrix printers for multi-part forms such as FedEx airbills and blood bank forms, where variants are still in use as of 2007. Although newer symbologies hold more information in a smaller space.

  • Constructor Details

    • BarcodeCodabar

      public BarcodeCodabar (PdfDocument document)
      Creates a new BarcodeCodabar. To generate the font the PdfDocument.getDefaultFont() will be implicitly called. If you want to use this barcode in PDF/A documents, please consider using BarcodeCodabar(PdfDocument, PdfFont).
      document - The document to which the barcode will be added
    • BarcodeCodabar

      public BarcodeCodabar (PdfDocument document, PdfFont font)
      Creates a new BarcodeCodabar.
      document - The document to which the barcode will be added
      font - The font to use
  • Method Details

    • getBarsCodabar

      public static byte[] getBarsCodabar (String text)
      Creates the bars.
      text - the text to create the bars
      the bars
    • calculateChecksum

      public static String calculateChecksum (String code)
      Calculates the checksum.
      code - the value to calculate the checksum for
      the checksum for the given value
    • getBarcodeSize

      public Rectangle getBarcodeSize()
      Gets the maximum area that the barcode and the text, if any, will occupy. The lower left corner is always (0, 0).
      Specified by:
      getBarcodeSize in class Barcode1D
      the size the barcode occupies.
    • placeBarcode

      public Rectangle placeBarcode (PdfCanvas canvas, Color barColor, Color textColor)
      Places the barcode in a PdfCanvas. The barcode is always placed at coordinates (0, 0). Use the translation matrix to move it elsewhere.

      The bars and text are written in the following colors:

      barColor textColor Result
      null null bars and text painted with current fill color
      barColor null bars and text painted with barColor
      null textColor bars painted with current color
      text painted with textColor
      barColor textColor bars painted with barColor
      text painted with textColor
      Specified by:
      placeBarcode in class Barcode1D
      canvas - the PdfCanvas where the barcode will be placed
      barColor - the color of the bars. It can be null
      textColor - the color of the text. It can be null
      the dimensions the barcode occupies
    • createAwtImage

      public Image createAwtImage (Color foreground, Color background)
      Creates a java.awt.Image. This image only contains the bars without any text.
      Specified by:
      createAwtImage in class Barcode1D
      foreground - the color of the bars
      background - the color of the background
      the image