Class VerticalLineTo

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class VerticalLineTo extends LineTo
Implements lineTo(V) attribute of SVG's path element
  • Constructor Details

    • VerticalLineTo

      public VerticalLineTo()
      Creates an absolute Vertical LineTo.
    • VerticalLineTo

      public VerticalLineTo (boolean relative)
      Creates a Vertical LineTo. Set argument to true to create a relative VerticalLineTo.
      relative - whether this is a relative VerticalLineTo or not
  • Method Details

    • setCoordinates

      public void setCoordinates (String[] inputCoordinates, Point startPoint)
      Description copied from interface: IPathShape
      This method sets the coordinates for the path painting operator and does internal preprocessing, if necessary
      Specified by:
      setCoordinates in interface IPathShape
      setCoordinates in class LineTo
      inputCoordinates - an array containing point values for path coordinates
      startPoint - the ending point of the previous operator, or, in broader terms, the point that the coordinates should be absolutized against, for relative operators