Class GroupSvgNodeRenderer

All Implemented Interfaces:
IBranchSvgNodeRenderer, ISvgNodeRenderer

public class GroupSvgNodeRenderer extends AbstractBranchSvgNodeRenderer
This renderer represents a branch in an SVG tree. It doesn't do anything aside from calling the superclass doDraw.
  • Constructor Details

    • GroupSvgNodeRenderer

      public GroupSvgNodeRenderer()
  • Method Details

    • doDraw

      protected void doDraw (SvgDrawContext context)
      Description copied from class: AbstractBranchSvgNodeRenderer
      Method that will set properties to be inherited by this branch renderer's children and will iterate over all children in order to draw them.
      doDraw in class AbstractBranchSvgNodeRenderer
      context - the object that knows the place to draw this element and maintains its state
    • createDeepCopy

      public ISvgNodeRenderer createDeepCopy()
      Description copied from interface: ISvgNodeRenderer
      Creates a deep copy of this renderer, including it's subtree of children
      Specified by:
      createDeepCopy in interface ISvgNodeRenderer
      Specified by:
      createDeepCopy in class AbstractBranchSvgNodeRenderer
      deep copy of this renderer
    • getObjectBoundingBox

      public Rectangle getObjectBoundingBox (SvgDrawContext context)
      Description copied from interface: ISvgNodeRenderer
      Calculates the current object bounding box.
      context - the current context, for instance it contains current viewport and available font data
      the Rectangle representing the current object's bounding box, or null if bounding box is undefined