Interface ISvgConverterProperties

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public interface ISvgConverterProperties
Interface for the configuration classes used by ISvgProcessor
  • Method Details

    • getRendererFactory

      ISvgNodeRendererFactory getRendererFactory()
      Retrieve the factory responsible for creating ISvgNodeRenderer
      A ISvgNodeRendererFactory implementation
    • getFontProvider

      FontProvider getFontProvider()
      Gets the font provider.
      the font provider
    • getCharset

      String getCharset()
      Get the name of the Charset to be used when decoding an InputStream. This method is allowed to return null, in which case UTF-8 will be used (by JSoup).

      Please be aware that this method is NOT used when handling a String variable in the SvgConverter.

      the String name of the Charset used for decoding
    • getBaseUri

      String getBaseUri()
      Gets the base URI.
      the base URI
    • getMediaDeviceDescription

      MediaDeviceDescription getMediaDeviceDescription()
      Gets the media device description.
      the media device description
    • getResourceRetriever

      IResourceRetriever getResourceRetriever()
      Gets the resource retriever. The resourceRetriever is used to retrieve data from resources by URL.
      the resource retriever