Class PdfA3Checker

public class PdfA3Checker extends PdfA2Checker
PdfA3Checker defines the requirements of the PDF/A-3 standard and contains a number of methods that override the implementations of its superclass PdfA2Checker. The specification implemented by this class is ISO 19005-3
  • Field Details

    • allowedAFRelationships

      protected static final Set<PdfName> allowedAFRelationships
  • Constructor Details

    • PdfA3Checker

      public PdfA3Checker (PdfAConformanceLevel conformanceLevel)
      Creates a PdfA3Checker with the required conformance level
      conformanceLevel - the required conformance level, a or u or b
  • Method Details

    • checkFileSpec

      protected void checkFileSpec (PdfDictionary fileSpec)
      Description copied from class: PdfAChecker
      Verify the conformity of the file specification dictionary.
      checkFileSpec in class PdfA2Checker
      fileSpec - the PdfDictionary containing file specification to be checked