Class XMPIteratorImpl

All Implemented Interfaces:
XMPIterator, Iterator

public class XMPIteratorImpl extends Object implements XMPIterator
The XMPIterator implementation. Iterates the XMP Tree according to a set of options. During the iteration the XMPMeta-object must not be changed. Calls to skipSubtree() / skipSiblings() will affect the iteration.
  • Field Details

    • skipSiblings

      protected boolean skipSiblings
      flag to indicate that skipSiblings() has been called.
    • skipSubtree

      protected boolean skipSubtree
      flag to indicate that skipSiblings() has been called.
  • Constructor Details

    • XMPIteratorImpl

      public XMPIteratorImpl (XMPMetaImpl xmp, String schemaNS, String propPath, IteratorOptions options) throws XMPException
      Constructor with optionsl initial values. If propName is provided, schemaNS has also be provided.
      xmp - the iterated metadata object.
      schemaNS - the iteration is reduced to this schema (optional)
      propPath - the iteration is redurce to this property within the schemaNS
      options - advanced iteration options, see IteratorOptions
      XMPException - If the node defined by the paramters is not existing.
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