Class PdfResourceCounter


public class PdfResourceCounter extends Object
This class can be used to count the number of bytes needed when copying pages from an existing PDF into a newly created PDF.
  • Constructor Details

    • PdfResourceCounter

      public PdfResourceCounter (PdfObject obj)
      Creates a PdfResourceCounter instance to be used to count the resources needed for either a page (in this case pass a page dictionary) or the trailer (root and info dictionary) of a PDF file.
      obj - the object we want to examine
  • Method Details

    • process

      protected final void process (PdfObject obj)
      Processes an object. If the object is indirect, it is added to the list of resources. If not, it is just processed.
      obj - the object to process
    • loopOver

      protected final void loopOver (PdfObject obj)
      In case an object is an array, a dictionary or a stream, we need to loop over the entries and process them one by one.
      obj - the object to examine
    • getResources

      public Map<Integer,PdfObject> getResources()
      Returns a map with the resources.
      the resources
    • getLength

      public long getLength (Map<Integer,PdfObject> res)
      Returns the resources needed for the object that was used to create this PdfResourceCounter. If you pass a Map with resources that were already used by other objects, these objects will not be taken into account.
      res - The resources that can be excluded when counting the bytes.
      The number of bytes needed for an object.