Class StandardNamespaces


public final class StandardNamespaces extends Object
This class encapsulates information about the standard structure namespaces and provides some utility methods connected to them. The main purpose of this class is to determine if the given role in the specified namespace belongs to the standard or known domain-specific namespace.

See ISO 32000-2 14.8.6, "Standard structure namespaces"

  • Field Details

    • PDF_1_7

      public static final String PDF_1_7
      Specifies the name of the standard structure namespace for PDF 1.7
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    • PDF_2_0

      public static final String PDF_2_0
      Specifies the name of the standard structure namespace for PDF 2.0
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  • Constructor Details

    • StandardNamespaces

      public StandardNamespaces()
  • Method Details

    • getDefault

      public static String getDefault()
      Gets the name of the default standard structure namespace. When a namespace is not explicitly specified for a given structure element or attribute, it shall be assumed to be within this default standard structure namespace. According to ISO 32000-2 default namespace is PDF_1_7.
      the name of the default standard structure namespace.
    • isKnownDomainSpecificNamespace

      public static boolean isKnownDomainSpecificNamespace (PdfNamespace namespace)
      Checks if the given namespace is identified as the one that is common within broad ranges of documents types and doesn't require a role mapping for it's roles.
      namespace - a namespace to be checked, whether it defines a namespace of the known domain specific language.
      true, if the given PdfNamespace belongs to the domain-specific namespace, false otherwise.
    • roleBelongsToStandardNamespace

      public static boolean roleBelongsToStandardNamespace (String role, String standardNamespaceName)
      Checks if the given role is considered standard in the specified standard namespace.
      role - a role to be checked if it is standard in the given standard structure namespace.
      standardNamespaceName - a String identifying standard structure namespace against which given role will be checked.
      false if the given role doesn't belong to the standard roles of the given standard structure namespace or if the given namespace name is not standard; true otherwise.
    • isHnRole

      public static boolean isHnRole (String role)
      Checks if the given role matches the Hn role pattern. To match this pattern, the given role shall always consist of the uppercase letter "H" and one or more digits, representing an unsigned integer greater than or equal to 1, without leading zeroes or any other prefix or postfix.
      role - a String that specifies a role to be checked against Hn role pattern.
      true if the role matches, false otherwise.