Class LZWDecoder


public class LZWDecoder extends Object
A class for performing LZW decoding.
  • Constructor Details

    • LZWDecoder

      public LZWDecoder()
      Creates an LZWDecoder instance.
  • Method Details

    • decode

      public void decode (byte[] data, OutputStream uncompData)
      Method to decode LZW compressed data.
      data - The compressed data.
      uncompData - Array to return the uncompressed data in.
    • initializeStringTable

      public void initializeStringTable()
      Initialize the string table.
    • writeString

      public void writeString (byte[] string)
      Write out the string just uncompressed.
      string - content to write to the uncompressed data
    • addStringToTable

      public void addStringToTable (byte[] oldString, byte newString)
      Add a new string to the string table.
      oldString - stored string
      newString - string to be appended to the stored string
    • addStringToTable

      public void addStringToTable (byte[] string)
      Add a new string to the string table.
      string - byte[] to store in the string table
    • composeString

      public byte[] composeString (byte[] oldString, byte newString)
      Append newString to the end of oldString.
      oldString - string be appended to
      newString - string that is to be appended to oldString
      combined string
    • getNextCode

      public int getNextCode()
      Attempt to get the next code. Exceptions are caught to make this robust to cases wherein the EndOfInformation code has been omitted from a strip. Examples of such cases have been observed in practice.
      next code