Class ParserGraphicsState


public class ParserGraphicsState extends CanvasGraphicsState
Internal class which is essentially a CanvasGraphicsState which supports tracking of clipping path state and changes.
  • Method Details

    • updateCtm

      public void updateCtm (Matrix newCtm)
      Description copied from class: CanvasGraphicsState
      Updates current transformation matrix.
      updateCtm in class CanvasGraphicsState
      newCtm - new current transformation matrix.
    • clip

      public void clip (Path path, int fillingRule)
      Intersects the current clipping path with the given path. Note: Coordinates of the given path should be in the transformed user space.
      path - The path to be intersected with the current clipping path.
      fillingRule - The filling rule which should be applied to the given path. It should be either PdfCanvasConstants.FillingRule.EVEN_ODD or PdfCanvasConstants.FillingRule.NONZERO_WINDING
    • getClippingPath

      public Path getClippingPath()
      Getter for the current clipping path. Note: The returned clipping path is in the transformed user space, so if you want to get it in default user space, apply transformation matrix (CanvasGraphicsState.getCtm()).
      The current clipping path.
    • setClippingPath

      public void setClippingPath (Path clippingPath)
      Sets the current clipping path to the specified path. Note:This method doesn't modify existing clipping path, it simply replaces it with the new one instead.
      clippingPath - New clipping path.