Class PdfCanvasConstants.TextRenderingMode

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public static final class PdfCanvasConstants.TextRenderingMode extends Object
The text rendering mode determines whether showing text causes glyph outlines to be stroked, filled, used as a clipping boundary, or some combination of the three. Stroking, filling, and clipping have the same effects for a text object as they do for a path object, although they are specified in an entirely different way. If the text rendering mode calls for filling, the current nonstroking color in the graphics state is used; if it calls for stroking, the current stroking color is used. All documentation for this class is taken from ISO 32000-1, section 9.3.6 "Text Rendering Mode".
  • Field Details

    • FILL

      public static final int FILL
      Fill text
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    • STROKE

      public static final int STROKE
      Stroke text, providing the outline of the glyphs
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      public static final int FILL_STROKE
      Fill and stroke text
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      public static final int INVISIBLE
      Neither fill nor stroke, i.e. render invisibly
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      public static final int FILL_CLIP
      Fill text and add to path for clipping
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      public static final int STROKE_CLIP
      Stroke text and add to path for clipping
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      public static final int FILL_STROKE_CLIP
      Fill, then stroke text and add to path for clipping
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    • CLIP

      public static final int CLIP
      Add text to path for clipping
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