Class PdfOutputIntent

public class PdfOutputIntent extends PdfObjectWrapper<PdfDictionary>
Specify the colour characteristics of output devices on which the document might be rendered See ISO 32000-1 14.11.5: Output Intents.
  • Constructor Details

    • PdfOutputIntent

      public PdfOutputIntent (String outputConditionIdentifier, String outputCondition, String registryName, String info, InputStream iccStream)
      Creates output intent dictionary. Null values are allowed to suppress any key. By default output intent subtype is GTS_PDFA1, use setter to change it.
      outputConditionIdentifier - (required) identifying the intended output device or production condition in human or machine readable form
      outputCondition - (optional) identifying the intended output device or production condition in human-readable form
      registryName - identifying the registry in which the condition designated by outputConditionIdentifier is defined
      info - (required if outputConditionIdentifier does not specify a standard production condition; optional otherwise) containing additional information or comments about the intended target device or production condition
      iccStream - ICC profile stream. User is responsible for closing the stream
    • PdfOutputIntent

      public PdfOutputIntent (PdfDictionary outputIntentDict)
  • Method Details

    • getDestOutputProfile

      public PdfStream getDestOutputProfile()
    • setDestOutputProfile

      public void setDestOutputProfile (InputStream iccStream)
    • getInfo

      public PdfString getInfo()
    • setInfo

      public void setInfo (String info)
    • getRegistryName

      public PdfString getRegistryName()
    • setRegistryName

      public void setRegistryName (String registryName)
    • getOutputConditionIdentifier

      public PdfString getOutputConditionIdentifier()
    • setOutputConditionIdentifier

      public void setOutputConditionIdentifier (String outputConditionIdentifier)
    • getOutputCondition

      public PdfString getOutputCondition()
    • setOutputCondition

      public void setOutputCondition (String outputCondition)
    • getOutputIntentSubtype

      public PdfName getOutputIntentSubtype()
    • setOutputIntentSubtype

      public void setOutputIntentSubtype (PdfName subtype)
    • isWrappedObjectMustBeIndirect

      protected boolean isWrappedObjectMustBeIndirect()
      Description copied from class: PdfObjectWrapper
      Defines if the object behind this wrapper must be an indirect object in the resultant document.

      If this method returns true it doesn't necessarily mean that object must be in the indirect state at any moment, but rather defines that when the object will be written to the document it will be transformed into indirect object if it's not indirect yet.

      Return value of this method shouldn't depend on any logic, it should return always true or false.
      Specified by:
      isWrappedObjectMustBeIndirect in class PdfObjectWrapper<PdfDictionary>
      true if in the resultant document the object behind the wrapper must be indirect, otherwise false.