Class AlphabetNumbering


public class AlphabetNumbering extends Object
This is a general class for alphabet numbering. You can specify an alphabet and convert an integer into the corresponding alphabet number representation. E.g.: if the alphabet is English letters 'a' to 'z', then 1 is represented as "a", ..., 26 is represented as "z", 27 is represented as "aa" and so on.
  • Constructor Details

    • AlphabetNumbering

      public AlphabetNumbering()
  • Method Details

    • toAlphabetNumber

      public static String toAlphabetNumber (int number, char[] alphabet)
      Translates a positive integer (not equal to zero) into an alphabet number using the letters from the specified alphabet.
      number - the number
      alphabet - the array containing all possible letters from the alphabet
      a translated number representation