Class ColorConstants


public class ColorConstants extends Object
Class containing predefined DeviceRgb colors. Color space specific classes should be used for the advanced handling of colors. The most common ones are DeviceGray, DeviceCmyk and DeviceRgb.
  • Field Details

    • BLACK

      public static final Color BLACK
      Predefined black DeviceRgb color
    • BLUE

      public static final Color BLUE
      Predefined blue DeviceRgb color
    • CYAN

      public static final Color CYAN
      Predefined cyan DeviceRgb color

      public static final Color DARK_GRAY
      Predefined dark gray DeviceRgb color
    • GRAY

      public static final Color GRAY
      Predefined gray DeviceRgb color
    • GREEN

      public static final Color GREEN
      Predefined green DeviceRgb color

      public static final Color LIGHT_GRAY
      Predefined light gray DeviceRgb color

      public static final Color MAGENTA
      Predefined magenta DeviceRgb color
    • ORANGE

      public static final Color ORANGE
      Predefined orange DeviceRgb color
    • PINK

      public static final Color PINK
      Predefined pink DeviceRgb color
    • RED

      public static final Color RED
      Predefined red DeviceRgb color
    • WHITE

      public static final Color WHITE
      Predefined white DeviceRgb color
    • YELLOW

      public static final Color YELLOW
      Predefined yellow DeviceRgb color
  • Constructor Details

    • ColorConstants

      public ColorConstants()