Class ImageMagickCompareResult


public final class ImageMagickCompareResult extends Object
A helper data class, which aggregates true/false result of ImageMagick comparing as well as the number of different pixels.
  • Constructor Details

    • ImageMagickCompareResult

      public ImageMagickCompareResult (boolean result, long diffPixels)
      Creates an instance that contains ImageMagick comparing result information.
      result - true, if the compared images are equal.
      diffPixels - number of different pixels.
  • Method Details

    • isComparingResultSuccessful

      public boolean isComparingResultSuccessful()
      Returns image compare boolean value.
      true if the compared images are equal.
    • getDiffPixels

      public long getDiffPixels()
      Getter for a different pixels count.
      Returns a a different pixels count.